Hi my lovelies! Spooniecorn here. So today is a very special post because I didn't write it myself! My beautifully amazing girlfriend has written this post today and I'm gonna link her blog and YouTube channel below the actual article. Go check out her blog and her YouTube channel and subscribe to both!

Do you ever wonder when your face to face with a two paths in life what will happen when you take the path less traveled? Does it make all of the difference? 

I have found myself wondering that a lot lately because I am the creative type and am currently looking to get into the acting field. Acting is not described as a typical job, so when someone hears you say that you want to pursue acting, they tell you that you can't do that. 

That there, ladies and gentlemen, is a critic. They are the nay sayers. These are the people who keep you from living your life if you choose to listen to what they say.  The choice to go against the grain is what seperates the dreamers from everyone else. 

You may be wondering, well what exactly is a dreamer? 

Well, a dreamer is someone that is in a certain career field such as the arts and they simply do not listen to what the critics say and they keep focusing on bettering their craft. 

Dreamers never know when to quit or throw in the towel.  A lot of dreamers never have a plan B because their current plan is their only plan.

Now, don't get me wrong the dreamers have a lot of fear and anxiety just like anyone else that worries about the future and what it holds. But walking the path of a dreamer is uncertain and it's a life where anything can happen. 
Even after all of those times that a dreamer has failed, suddenly there's a positive event that happens and that's makes it all worth it in the end. 
If we as dreamers , hold onto those sudden glimmers of hope, it always makes it easier to think of those when we are down on our luck.   

Walking along this path is not an easy one, but if we don't take this shot at this life that we sacrifice for and dream of than what are we left with? Regret. 
If we simply give up our dreams we will only live a life that is built upon lies and pretending we are happy with our existence instead of being people who truly love what we do. When we are meant to do something in this life there is no control over it- it's our destiny.  We simply find what we love to do and we let it consume us from the inside out.  

Amazing read, right? Well her links are as follows:
YouTube – Edith Jones
Blog- Edith Jones

And as always my links are:

Lots of unicorn love and have a magical day/night/whatever it is where you are!
-R 🥄🦄


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