My road to stepping out of my comfort zone

Comfort zones. They can be life savors when you live with anxiety but they can also hold you back from making true and honest steps towards happiness.
I am sitting on a greyhound bus, cramped and needing to pee, headed south on I-95 with my comfort zone so far in my rear view mirror that it’s ridiculous. Am I freaking out? Yes. Am I doing something absolutely amazing and that needs to be done to snatch my life and my happiness back? Also yes. 

I am currently traveling to Myrtle Beach SC in order to spend 4 days with my beautiful girlfriend and I’m petrified. Why? I have an anxiety disorder and part of my living with this disorder is carving out a space in which I feel less anxious.

That space is my bedroom. In my bedroom, I’m completely comfortable. It’s been designed to be a space that is calm and safe. I have my coping items right there and I am able to use my other coping methods as needed. 

Now I have made a conscious decision to spend time away from all that in order to take this trip. It will either be a disaster as my anxiety says or a triumph towards slowly overcoming this fear. If I can make it through today, I’ve made a major step forward. 

This weekend will be a test of my ability to get out of my own head and take back what control my anxiety has stolen. It’s an excellent chance to not only step out of my comfort zone but to see if I am even able to with any degree of success.

It’s now just after 9pm at night and I only had a few minor problems with my anxiety manifesting throughout the day and evening and I am proud of myself for doing this so far.  Stepping out of the set boundaries I have for myself means I am willing to make the sacrifice to be happy. 

The next morning has arrived and i am pleasantly surprised at how my anxiety is slowly allowing me to thrive without the things that I have previously thought of as necessary.

Here’s hoping to a wonderful rest of the weekend! As always find me on your favorite social media sites. 



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