Life Update: May & June edition

Life Update: May & June edition

Hello my rainbows! Hope you are all well!
There are 3 major points that have changed in the past two months: 

-Knee injury-

During the month of May I was preparing to move. Major stress and unfortunately I ended up injuring my knee severely. 

While packing, I bent over to pick up a box and I felt a sharp tear in my right knee. My knee cap lifted up and I screamed in pain. I spent the rest of May in agony. 

Turns out that I tore my lateral collateral ligament and have cartilage and gunk behind my knee cap now causing pain and a crunchy sound when I move my knee. I’m waiting on an MRI to confirm how bad my injury is and then I’m headed to an orthopedic surgeon to get it fixed. For now I’m stuck with my cane, a knee brace and Motrin. 

-I moved!-

I finally moved and I finally got unpacked and I’m almost completely settled in! The new house is beautiful and in a lovely little neighborhood near downtown Fayetteville. It’s a quiet little suburb and we are all so happy here! I’m planning a little flower garden for the front yard and I’m so excited! 

-New love!-

I met a wonderful woman a few weeks ago and it’s going really well. We are officially dating and I’m planning a trip down to South Carolina, where she lives, to see her on July 7th. 

Her name is Edith and she will be writing a guest blog spot for me next month. Very exciting! 

Okay babes! That’s all for this update! As always, find my links for social media down below! Hope to see you next time! 

Love hugs and unicorn magic! 

❤️ -R 




Something a bit different for y’all this week my loves- A poem! 

I remember the first time I was called a weirdo. The words stung like a knife. Why am I weird? I asked the mirror everyday with tears streaming down my face. 
I grew up with that label, recoiling in shame whenever it was used. I tried without success to Change myself into what they wanted to remove it. 
I slowly learned that doing this meant that I was giving up my choice and voice. I was becoming what society wanted me to be but not who I wanted to be. 

What makes me a weirdo?

I am a unique individual who breathes and screams and crys and bleeds. Who loves and needs to be loved. Someone Who is perfectly imperfect, who has flaws and is okay with them. I can see the beauty in the simple things and the love found in being honest. I dare to think for myself and stand up for what I believe in and this all makes me a weirdo. 

So Weirdo isn’t an insult to me anymore. I own the label as someone who is unique. I don’t fit into their cookie cutters and wasn’t stamped out by the dozen. Well I am happy to be a weirdo! I will continue to be one and wear the label with pride! 

If to loose this label means I must be who everyone else is then I guess I will remain a weirdo until I draw my last breath.

Until next time! 🥄🦄

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